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Weight Loss Plan

 I've been walking everyday except yesterday and sunday. 
Sunday - I had been up all night and had trouble breathing. I was not a pretty sight that day. My nose has been plugged since December and I don't have insurance. I did go to a clinic twice and they gave me meds. It cleared my headache, but then my left side of my nose sealed shut. The second time I went, the doctor told me that I had polyps in my nose. Hours later, I researched all I could about polyps and realized I needed surgery. But I have no money for that, so here we are. 
I'm secretly wishing my nose will just open up while running. 

Yesterday, I walked with my friends to the park, and I could actually keep up!! I was really excited. 

So I joined weight_comp and started this challenge:Beginning of Beach and Bikini Season Challenge.

My Weight Right Now: 280
My Goal Weight: 265
My Overall Goal Weight: 150

My exercises will be walking / running and Exercise tv.
For strength training, I'll be lifting (light) weights.
I'm even going to try yoga and pilates.
Don't you just love how it makes you look long and lean. 
I hear it's also good for posture.

Ok then, byw

Still Going Strong!!

8 laps
Need to find out how much distance it is with my car.

Pre- Work:
Toast with butter

Blueberry Scone
Venti Caramel Frapp

Sammich with Ham, Turkey and Lettuce
Potato Chips

Dinner: TBA

First Workout in a long time

Wheat Toast and Jam

Vanilla Fro-Yo

Ham Sammich    
(No turkey to be found)
Potato Chips

Water Bottles: 
Goal: 6
Today: 4

6 laps around park.
Mainly walking.
Not too much after pain.
Trying to take it slow.

Really relaxed and content.

Great first day.

Orange Cake

Box of yellow cake
OJ ( instead of milk )
Orange peel

Prepare as usual, using oj instead of milk.
Also add orange peel.

Bake as usual

Powder sugar

Shift  sugar
Put holes all over cake.

slowly add oj and mix

Pour over cake.
Let set and eat.

The year's almost over......

 But I got a lot done this year.
Like a new job
and quitting my crappy one.
Driving on the freeway
And going to the mall by myself
Going to school in the fall.
Moving out and staying sane alone.

AND still things to do

like getting that guy to ask me out. gahhhh men -_-
getting through school
living through my 19th bday
road trip to the coast.
18's or bust.

that is all

Ukeleles and Childhood Woes

So I'm watching this video by natalie (community channel). (You should watch her videos. They're freakin' funny.)

But while watching it, I find myself becoming more and more obsessed with ukuleles. I keep spelling it ukelele. Why? CAUSE IT LOOKS COOOOLL!! So I says to myself, I must have one and I go on a frantic search on the internet and discover that only good quality ones can be bought at either specialized music stores or ebay. Need to open an account on paypal!!!!!

Anyways I was looking at walmart and I find this...

Why the heckle did I not have a ride on dinosaur when I was little. The description says that it stands 3 feet tall. 3 FEET!!!!! I've also seen the life size pony, which is actually life size.

I'm tempting to go and buy these toys, but I won't. Instead I'll just whine about not having them and call it a day. FREAKING LIFE SIZE DINOS AND PONIES!!!!!! I loved those animals as a kid. O Woe the days of my non life-sized toy animal childhood.


That is all..

Birthday Post!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! Yeah yeah I know it's the morning, but I just opened my prezzies and cards with KT and Mum. And my roses smell sooooo goooood.
Look confetti!!!
So now I'm doubly excited for the day. I have no clue what we'll be doing, but I know it'll be pretty chill, just the way I love my days. So without further ado, here's my booty of the day. Heh, I said booty on the internet. :D

First up we have the tea set the G-Parents ordered me from EnjoyingTea.com. It's the Cherry Blossom Japanese Tea Set. I love it!!!! It goes with my bookshelves. I can't wait to use it! Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa.

Then we have KT's gifts, a pretty blue journal(w/recycled acid-free paper)journal, Nylon magazine(haven't read one since July)http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa217/cholalola16/DSCN3098.jpg, and a really awesome picture frame(And no that's not us :p)pitcha frame. We need to take cute pictures for it. And teh card inside

First look at the gift bag.

So pretty and goes with my bedroom color pallet. I think I'll frame it or something. Next, Mum got me White Sugar & Mango lotion that makes my skin oh so soft. No more alligator scales!!!!!!!lotiony

Look CANDIES!!!!!!!!!!

A mirror of my own. Now I can stop using Mum's. I know this is her favorite prezzie!

She also got me a freakin' cool Betsey Johnson bag. It's the Betseyville Sporty Girl Tote in Black.I haven't even seen this online. It came with a detachable makeup bag and a whistle. The whistle is wonderfully loud and ear-piercing. I checked...Twice.
I love it! AND I can't wait to fill it with all my crap!!!!

And now for the piece de resistance!!!! My new diamond and sapphire ring!!!! It fits my pinkie, because we need to get and accurate size on it. I just adore it!! It's soo dainty and feminine. Makes me feel pretty, y'know.

I just know it will be a wonderful day!!!!!!

Also more updates as the day goes on. I may just take a picture of my food!

Update: LooLoo Looney had too much sugar last night and is feeling down today.
feelin down?

Bday Selca


A bit o posty for ya!

I didn't do what I was supposed to do today, and now I'm forced to do it tomorrow(i.e. I'M RUNNING OUT OF FOOOOD). So today I took off, and now instead of resting tomorrow, I get to go run errands. I mean I guess I could clean the house. I'm such a procrastinator......
So here's what a bit of conditioner will do to my hair.
cURLY Hair
BTW, if you like my curls, check out my hair tutorial tomorrow.
And this is what winter does to my skin.
Like, EWW!!
Thank you lotion!!!!! LOTION!!I love this Body Butter Blends in pink petals. I got it from Sally's Beauty Suppl. It cost me about 3-4$.

Also I'm a bit obsessed with gray and purple bags for this fall. I almost bought a pair of heels in grape, but, uh, I think I'll stick to my fuscia nails. Can't wait to buy some warm fall clothes. And get a job to pay for those clothes. I'm thinking Old Navy or even Target. If worse comes to worse I'll do Walmart. I can't stand working with food, besides they only hire idiots at McDonald's. :p

Anyway, I'm reading this book, HTML for Dummies and there's really good info in there. Soon I'm be making my own layouts. I want to be a Web Developer!!!!!

Ok, That's all from me,

Goals for myself

These are things I eventually want to be doing on a regular basis. So really it's my sorting-out-my-life-list.
I feel that if I have some variety and activity in my life, I'll feel more... I don't know, alive???
All of these tasks may seem easy to the avg. joe, but for me it's all about staying motivated to do these things.
I want to be do these every day and living life to the fullest!

teach myself higher level math.
read more intellectual books.
teach myself html.
get a job
go back to school

make friends
make peace with my enemies
find a good boyfriend


go to church every sunday
find God

Physical Health

start exercising everyday for 30 min.
run a marathon.

Personal Growth

establish a morning routine.
learn manners.
teach myself piano. (prac. everyday for 45 min.)
get interested in politics.
keep the house clean.

AAARGGH I can't get on my site!!!

Jeez the day I finally start to get people to come to my site and my dad forgets to pay the bill.
So freakin' frustrating!!!! I know my site wasn't getting any traffic. So I put myself out there y'know?
And wrote a book review forCocoa's Book Club. But now my site is expired and no one will see it!
I'm forced to blog here for the time being. I did get to go shopping today which is always nice.
I went to Walmart, Kirkland Home, Pier One Imports, and Costco.
I bought:
- the sept. issue of allure mag
- the jo bros. rolling stone cover poster(and i get a yrs. free subscription. Whoo!!)
  (also their new album is awesome btw!!!!)
- a hollowed out secret hiding place book
- 6 votive candles in first rain(3) and bombay blue(3)
- 30 tea candles in bombay blue
- 4 candle holders: votive(2) and tea(2)
- a cute little blue soy sauce dish which I'll use for candles.

So now my room smells nummy yummy and I have the jo bros. above my bed. life is gooood!!
now some pictures!!!!
new blush!!!!!! endearing(creeeepy) face

cute, ne?

please ignore the tape. ^^;;;;

well that's all space cadets!!!